Financing support

Depending on the nature of your project, different options exist to seek financing from private, industry or public sources.

Private investment

Successful acquisition of private investment requires a good project, a dedicated team and experience in how to do a private placement. If you have the first two, we can assist you with the third by helping you to

  • prepare business plans including development strategy and plans, market analysis, competition etc.
  • prepare company presentations
  • select and contact investors or strategic partners
  • draft a term sheet
  • lead negotiations
  • prepare financial due diligence for investors.

Industry partnership

The more advanced your project is, the more you may think of approaching industry partners. But today - depending on indication and field of technology - life science companies are ready to invest in early stages. We can assist you in

  • preparing project pitches adressing all important aspects
  • selecting and approaching interested partners
  • improving the maturity of your pitch by identifying and performing value driving experiments
  • your presentations and negotiations, accompanying you throughout
  • drafting termsheets and deal making

Public funding

Public funding from national or international sources requires selecting the right funding partners and programs. Benefit from our experience in drafting applications to government agencies and foundations.